2014 proved to be another year where the combination of Ambient-Chill, Dance-Trance, Electro-Industrial, and Mish-Mashup made sense as mix categories. As it becomes easier and easier for musicians and groups to make their music available on-line to interested groups, the traditional lines or categories I’ve used in the past seem harder and harder to adhere to.

The Electro-Industrial mix is a little lighter this year. I think that’s because there were fewer “interesting” releases (to me, at least). I hope it’s not a sign that I’m just getting too old for the category … 😉

Enjoy the mixes, and as always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback you have!

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Ambient-Chill 2014

Length: 01:24:14
Size: 117MB
Format: 256kbps MP3

Dance-Trance 2014

Length: 02:00:59
Size: 201MB
Format: 256kbps MP3

Electro-Industrial 2014

Length: 01:00:42
Size: 102MB
Format: 256kbps MP3

Mish-Mashup 2014

Length: 01:21:12
Size: 131MB
Format: 256kbps MP3