Bunker Tuneage 2004 included the fairly standard alternative-electronica and dance-trance mixes. The industrial tuneage did some deeper diving and picked up some darker tones, though; hence the darkwave inclusion in the industrial mix.

A note about the mixes: I didn’t discover MixMeister until 2005, so mixes created prior to 2005 are somewhat rougher and based on crossfading.

Enjoy the mixes, and as always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback you have!

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Alternative-Electronica 2004

Length: 01:11:52

Size: 131MB

Format: 256kbps MP3

Dance-Trance 2004

Length: 01:13:58

Size: 135MB

Format: 256kbps MP3

Darkwave-Electro-Industrial 2004

Length: 01:17:00

Size: 141MB

Format: 256kbps MP3