Bunker Tuneage in 2008 was three mixes in total. It was also the first year in which the alternative-electronica mix adopted some “pop” on account of some new music that was making its way into the house. Short version of the story: my twins (who were under the age of two) “listened” to pop music on one of the cable music stations, and some of that music grew on me – not something I’d have envisioned.

Enjoy the mixes, and as always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback you have!

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Alternative-Electronica-Pop 2008

Length: 01:14:55

Size: 137MB

Format: 256kbps MP3

Dance-Trance 2008

Length: 01:13:11

Size: 134MB

Format: 256kbps MP3

Electro-Industrial 2008

Length: 01:19:59

Size: 146MB

Format: 256kbps MP3