2019 was quite the busy year with lots of changes in nearly every aspect of life for both me and my family. The kids started middle school (big 7th graders!), Tracy continued teaching at the college and moving forward with The Schizophrenia Oral History Project, and I … what did I do?

I ask myself, “What did I do?” somewhat jokingly, but there are moments where I stop and try to reflect on the year gone by … and have trouble recalling many of the things that I know (at a less-than-conscious level) transpired. I could go back to my Outlook calendar and figure it out, but let’s just take my word for it. 2019 was a transformative year for reasons I won’t expand upon in this forum.

Before things get too deep, let’s get to the reason you’re probably here: The Bunker Tuneage 2019 mixes! As was the case in 2018, pulling the mixes together proved more difficult than it did in earlier years. My listening patterns continue to change and adjust (I’m assuming it’s the “age” thing I keep hearing about), but I managed to make it for another year – and I know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth 🙂

As always, I welcome feedback and suggestions – including suggestions for music. Several of you have taken the opportunity to share what you’ve been listening to with me, and I’ve certainly made a note of new artists and tunes that catch my interest as a result. “Sharing is caring” – so thanks!!!

Ambient-Chill 2019

Length: 01:38:12
Size: 145MB
Format: High-Quality VBR MP3

Dance-Trance 2019

Length: 01:27:48
Size: 174MB
Format: High-Quality VBR MP3

Electro-Industrial 2019

Length: 01:27:26
Size: 168MB
Format: High-Quality VBR MP3

Mish-Mashup 2019

Length: 01:33:22
Size: 170MB
Format: High-Quality VBR MP3