Bunker Tuneage is all about the mixes. Since 2002, I’ve been putting compilations together for my friends and those with similar listening habits. Much of what I listen to is off the beaten path, and I attempt to get the artists I like some exposure for their work. They have to make a living just like the rest of us, and the music business if filled with all sorts of middlemen who take their cut before the artists ever see a dime.

If you have the opportunity to see any of these folks live, seriously think about availing yourself of that opportunity. In many cases, that’s how artists get paid. Anytime I go to a show, I also buy a t-shirt because I know that money spent on merch tends to go straight to artists. Finally, buy direct whenever possible. Many of the artists I feature on Bunker Tuneage have their own spot on the Internet right now.  The Internet is the great equalizer for artists, and it helps to enable many of these folks to survive.