2012 was another four-release year. Since I can’t write documentation and similar sorts of material while listening to “intense” music, I was spending more and more time listening to ambient-style music. No surprise, then, that another ambient mix was part of the line-up!

My 2012 listening palette also included a lot more dubstep, but I was somewhat unsure of where to mix it in. I settled on including it in the Alternative-Electronica mix, thus turning the mix from AE into AED – a real heart rejuvinator …

Enjoy the mixes, and as always, I welcome any thoughts and feedback you have!

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Alternative-Electronica-Dubstep 2012

Length: 01:09:20
Size: 114MB
Format: 256 kbps MP3

Ambient-Chill 2012

Length: 01:09:24
Size: 100MB
Format: 256 kbps MP3

Dance-Trance 2012

Length: 01:22:08
Size: 141MB
Format: 256 kbps MP3

Electro-Industrial 2012

Length: 01:19:05
Size: 129MB
Format: 256 kbps MP3